Who am I?

Who am I?

I am 42 years old. I spend most of my time parenting my son and reconnecting to myself and to my body (via swimming, cycling, dancing, rolfing, or a simple walk in the forest), working on myself (therapy, coaching, spiritual development), taking the time to read, meditate, or just not do much.

I am naturally curious, and I am rather perfectionist and sensitive. Given the current context of our western civilization, I had great difficulty finding my place in this world. For a long time I felt like an alien stuck on Earth. I have long felt alone, misunderstood, different, and helpless.

I have experienced many techniques, tools, therapies, and personal development teachings (over 1000 hours). I discovered a lot of very interesting and effective things, but often I had a hard time changing. Why? Because I was too cut off from my body and my emotions. Because I was in too much pain…

Thanks to this work on myself, I learned to better regulate my emotions, and to develop a certain compassion towards my limits. This allowed me to heal certain emotional wounds, and to transform certain inappropriate behaviors. I now feel more connected to the Living and to the Sacred within me, and I have more clarity about my life mission.
It’s not perfect every day, and that’s not the goal, but often I feel pretty good.

After finding some interesting keys to feel better, I now want to pass these keys on to people who need them. I especially want to coach sensitive people so that they can get better, and find their place in our world.